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Borgo de Nor

Chloe and Cristina On The Power
of Their Enduring Friendship and
Their Love of Travel

Enter the world of Chloe and Cristina and they will lighten up your aura with their spiritual and magnetic personalities. Their captivating smiles are windows to their joyful spirits and it is no wonder they have been friends and inspiring each other for 25 years.

Chloe is a Mexican Curandera based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has been healing for twenty years.

Cristina opened Yoya twenty years ago in New York City, a high-end kids clothing and concept store, and now is transitioning into interior design and has recently launched Casa Yoya. She is based between Connecticut and New York.

We joined Chloe and Cristina during their travels in Portugal and spoke to them about the longevity of their friendship and how they connect through their nomadic souls.

When did you meet?

We met in 1996 in New York City, and have have been friends for 25 years.

Tell us why you chose each other as muses?

Our friendship keeps growing and deepening throughout time. We teach each other unconditional love, life brought us together to experience a special bond between women and sisterhood. We chose each other as muses mirroring the grace of getting old and keeping our wild spirit alive.

What is currently inspiring you?

Traveling through Portugal this summer we went to see Ai Weiwei exhibit "Rapture" which addresses issues that afflict all people, the impact of the planet due to political, environmental, and social reasons. Ai Weiwei is known worldwide as a political activist and symbol of resistance to oppression, as well as a defender of civil rights and freedom of expression. The themes running throughout the exhibition derive from the various meanings in English for the word "rapture": a transcendent moment connecting the bodily and the spiritual dimensions; the hijacking of someone’s rights and freedoms; and the connection between sensory enthusiasm and ecstasy. We were both impacted by the force and grace of this exhibit.

Do you influence each other creatively?

We love to travel together, exploring new countries and cultures. Our nomadic souls bring us to special places were we encounter beautiful people, connecting us to their heritage and artistry. We love to eat and laugh with locals and feel that parts of us belong to the soul of the country that has taken us in. We find treasures in flea markets, inspiration in museums and gardens. We appreciate the simple pleasures of life, everything around us is living poetry, we are just grateful to be witnessing all the moving pieces around us as we capture the essence of its beauty.

Is there a song that describes or reminds you of your friendship?

We have many songs that we love to sing and dance to. The one that has been a constant through our friendship is “Everybody loves the sunshine” by Roy Ayers.

Tell us about your day wearing Borgo de Nor?

Borgo de Nor captures our playful essence, wearing our dresses throughout our trip in Portugal made us feel feminine and empowered. 

How do you feel about supporting Smart Works with this campaign?

We love supporting Smart Works, a wonderful charity that empowers women to reach their full potential.