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Borgo de Nor

Margherita Puri Negri on her sisterly bond and her inspiring work in Terre di Sacra, an otherworldly resort in the Tuscan region

Introducing our muse Margherita Puri Negri. We spoke to her from her beloved Capalbio where she tell us about her close connection with her sister and the untouched wilderness of Tuscany.

Tell us about who or what inspires you?

My connection with my sister Olivia is the most special relationship. No matter how much time we spend apart as soon as we are back together it’s as if time has never passed. As we grow up and evolve our “friendship” has done the same - it mesmerises me.

My sister Olivia is a free spirit. She makes me smile, but her perseverance is what I admire the most ! We love Capalbio and are both very much invested in it. We are also very passionate skiers and we try to do that together as much as possible. If you put us together combined with my mother we have the longest chats!

Tell us about Capalbio and what you do?

Capalbio is a small town in the south of Tuscany where together with another family we own a piece of land that we hold very dear (Terre di Sacra) - aside from spending a lot of time in Capalbio since we were babies, meaning we have created endless family memories, it is a place that I love for its simplicity and wilderness. 

Since last year I have been working at Terre di Sacra which you could view as a big resort, it extends for 11km along the coast of the south of Tuscany, with over 20 houses for rent, glamping on the beach, 2 beach clubs and organic farming (traditional crops, vegetable garden, olive oil, honey, and cattle farming where we raise Maremmane cows which are the typical cattle of Maremma). At the moment most of the products are consumed internally by the guests of Terre di Sacra - the only product sold to the public aside from some of the crops is the organic meat which I oversee directly in addition to the marketing & communication division. 

Location: Capalbio, Italy
Resort: Terre di Sacra, @terredisacra