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Borgo de Nor

Rose and Honor on finding inspiration in the home, the importance of laughter, and how they fill their world with colour

Meet sisters, artist Rose Electra Harris, and interior designer Honor Devereaux. We joined them this summer in Rose's vibrant London art studio ( the perfect backdrop for our dresses ) and spoke to them about their inspirations, love of colour, and how they find joy in their sisterly bond.

Tell us about your work?

Rose: I'm an artist.

I use my work to explore interior space, using obscure and everyday objects to which I’m drawn to create my still lives. Fascinated by colour, line, shape, texture and pattern, I place these objects – some from memory, some imagined, some collected over time – in room scapes, playing around with them until I find the perfect composition, always in search of balance and harmony.

I grew up with very creative parents and in a home full of character. The home and what is in it feels very personal and representative of those around me. This has always and continues to inspire me and my work.

Honor: I'm an interior designer.

It all starts with the client and their particular style, whether it comes from their artwork, culture or even fashion sense etc… It’s nice to have something that you can build on. I ask loads of questions to gain an idea of what’s important to the client. Then it’s about the space, and what’s appropriate for it. Sense of scale is important and proportions. I then go away and start collating loads of mood board imagery for the whole house, and then individual rooms to show to the client to see if we are on the same page. I like to view it as a collaboration of both our taste and styles The focus is on colour, shape, texture, finishes, architectural elements, and how the house will flow. The most important aspect when designing a house, is how the view through will look from every angle. It’s easy to make one room look good, but how that rooms speaks to the next is key.

I come from a background of talented people who all have an amazing eye for interiors and exteriors. Whether it’s through interior design, antiques, art, or gardens; they all have a key interest in the home.

Tell us what is currently inspiring you?

Rose: I went to the Jean Dubuffet show at the Barbican last week and absolutely loved it. As I walked around the exhibition, my head was trying to organise all the new ideas that were forming from such an extensive range of materials and processes used in his work. I left feeling excited for all the new possibilities this would create in my own practice.

Additionally, I am infatuated with the artist Matthew Wong. He was self-taught and learnt how to paint from reading books. His approach to painting was so refreshing. Sadly he died too young in 2019.

Honor: I think lockdown and covid have led to people reflecting on their life and what is and isn't important. It feels like new chapters are starting for so many people I know, and for society as a whole - it's like a giant reset, or at the very least, refresh, is gradually taking place. I have taken inspiration from this into my work as when I am helping people redesign the area where they are going to spend most of their time, in a tiny way, I feel like I am helping them on their journey of change and helping them focus on what's truly important in their home.

Tell us why you are each other ’s muse ?

Rose : First and foremost, she is my sister so it was a very easy choice. Honor has a phenomenal eye when it comes to all things design but I have always admired the person she is. Not only is she a huge support to my work but also a consistent and important sounding board in all aspects of my life!

Honor: Rose’s energy and passion for her work inspires me. I don’t think many people realise the focus that is required of an artist to produce the work they do. It can be quite a solitary endeavour and yet her drive to learn, develop and constantly be creating is an incredible inspiration.

Plus she’s a yes person and always has time for you no matter what she’s doing.

Tell us which quality of your muse makes you smile the most?

Rose: She makes me laugh a lot and is the kindest person I know. I admire how she always makes time for everyone. And she’s a sensational mother.

Honor: Infectious laughter. I can’t not laugh when Rose laughs.

What do you love doing together ? 

Rose: We chat a lot, every day on the phone but when together, we talk constantly about everything under the sun. We are actually quite different in character but totally understand one another. I would be more than happy to do anything or go anywhere with her.

Honor : Everything and anything. From eating, drinking, partying, spending time with friends and family, going for walks, to galleries, on holiday, lazing about with her dog Jabba or just binging episode after episode of Game of Thrones.

Is there a song that you both love that describes or reminds you of your friendship ?

Rose: "Lovefool" by the Cardigans as I can be quite needy with her. LCD Soundsystem "Home " and any song by Destiny’s Child.

Honor: Oohhhh there’s too many! Would range from Beyonce “Crazy in Love”, to Elton John “Rocket Man”, LCD Soundsystem “All I Want”, Van Morrison “Tupelo Honey,” Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the devil'", The Band feat Neil Young “Helpless,” Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose “Too Late to Turn Back Now,” Alt J “Breezeblocks” DJ Koze’s Disco Edit “Operator” – I could go on and on.

Do you influence each other creatively?

Rose: 100%. Our taste is very similar, highly influenced by our parents who both have an amazing eye, but I am in awe of how she can put a home together. I honestly don’t know how she does it. People always assume I know about interiors as I paint them so much, but I ask Honor's advice on literally everything.

Honor: Yes she constantly influences me. Through her use of colour, her focus and approach to her work, the exhibitions she takes me to, the conversations we have, and even through the people who influence her. I’m always learning from her and even though she is 4 years younger I am definitely the one who looks up to her creatively.

Do you have any upcoming adventures or work projects together ?

Honor: We are going to Greece together in October which is super exciting, mainly because it means we get to spend some proper time together. I find life in London so fast, especially with two kids, finding the space to give each other proper time can be quite tricky. In terms of projects together, I am desperate to commission one of Rose’s amazing murals for a client. Her murals are always the focal point of a room and definitely bring the wow factor.

We are also going to do a wallpaper collaboration together (I also have a wall paper business with our Mum called Mond Designs).

Tell us about your day together wearing Borgo de Nor ?

Rose: We laughed a lot. I can just look at Honor and laugh. She hadn’t been to my studio for a while so it was really wonderful to have her here and hear what she thought of my recent work. Plus we were wearing beautiful dresses!

Art: Rose Electra Harris
Interior Design: Honor Devereux
Photography: Issy Croker