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Borgo de Nor

Zoe and Gabriella de Givenchy on the Joy of Entertaining and Family Ties

Meet our muses Zoe and Gabriella. You will most likely find them together hosting the chicest dinner parties from LA, Harbour Island, to France, always surrounded by friends and family. Although they live miles apart they reconnect often during family reunions and most recently at Gabriella’s dream wedding in Capri.

Zoe is creative director and founder of Z.d.G a homeware collection that celebrates ancient artisanal techniques and heritage craftsmanship. From dinnerware, to cutlery, to exquisite linens, each piece in the collection evokes her discerning eye for beauty and passion for decorative arts made by the best artisans in Europe.

Gabriella is a jewellery designer based in Abu Dhabi and is preparing to launch her first collection imminently.

We joined them in their family home in France the night before they flew out to Italy for Gabriella 's wedding festivities, and here, spoke to them about the importance of family ties, their special friendship and the art of entertaining.

What do you do?

ZdG: I adore being a hands on Mama and enjoy taking care of our family life. In addition, I also work with some very special European artisans creating collections for the table and home. Discovering and collaborating the skill and creativity of European artisans, often honed over generations, is a great passion of mine.

GdG: I am a jewellery designer – about to launch my first collection.. Stay tuned!! 💎

What is currently inspiring you?

ZdG: I have spent much of the summer on the French and Italian rivieras (latterly celebrating Gabriella’s wedding) so I am currently inspired by 60s Italian music, the vibrant colour of the Amalfi Coast and la dolce vita!

GdG: At the moment I feel hugely inspired by the photographer Paul Caponigro. I love his perspective on natural, everyday objects, I feel there’s so much inspiration to draw from nature so I am always looking for a new lens to view it through.

Tell us which quality of your muse makes you smile the most, and which quality do you admire the most?

ZdG: I admire Gabriella’s gentle wisdom. She is always calm; finds the best in people and has this wonderfully calming ability to let things wash over her.

GdG: I really admire the thoughtfulness and care that Zoë takes in everything she does, whether its setting a table, selecting the perfect gift, or creating a gorgeous flower arrangement she always goes above and beyond to make those around her feel loved 💕. I also adore when we get the chance to throw a dinner or party for our friends together, it’s a fun way to explore each others creativity and see what new ideas we come up with!

What do you love doing together or what interest do you share together?

ZdG: We love exploring new (and familiar) places together, hunting for interesting finds and throwing parties and dinners! We both share a deep love of family and of never failing to celebrate every occasion.

Where or what will be your next adventure together?

ZdG: Probably our family Christmas in the Bahamas! ( unless I make it to see her in Abu Dhabi first)

GdG: We will most likely spend our next trip together in Harbour Island, Bahamas where we have our family home 💙. I can never get enough of the pink sands and crystal blue waters.